Casey Tang/ Tang Zi Hao/ 唐子豪


In residence at Artists Alliance Inc.
Research fellow at Chronus Art Center
Design and research at Rally in Mozilla Innovation Ecosystem working on ethical socio-technical Internet infrastructure


Wrote On Complexity for


Life is an ongoing process of unfolding within a continuum of matter-cognition-semiotics. Evolutionary dynamics and biophysical forces exhibit end-directed (teleonomic) behavior. They increase interconnection over time, integrating antecedent foundational emergent layers into new aggregations — complete with their own forms, semiotics, and cognition — capable of better navigating the environment from which it emerged.

Our current technologies and systems, an outcome of these currents of aggregation and agency, are increasing capabilities to interconnect and integrate across abiotic, biotic, semiotic, and cognitive spheres, leading to strong emergence and enframing.

Casey has exhibited in the US, Europe, and Asia. Including "Catalyst" at the Queens Museum, “CAFAM Future: Observer-Creator" at the Central Academy of Fine Art Museum, Beijing, "Urban Forest Lab Project" at Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, NY, had a solo exhibition at Charpa Gallery, Valencia, Spain, solo book project, First Sounds, Booklyn, Brooklyn. He is a recipient of the 2018 Center for Contemporary Art Kitakyushu Fellowship, 2015 Queens Museum/Jerome Foundation Fellowship for Emerging Artists, 2013 New Vision Award from He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China. His work is in various institutional collections including Stanford University, the Inelcom foundation (selected by Vicente Todolí) and He Xiangning museum.

Tang graduated with a Masters of Science in Art, Culture and Technology from MIT.